IDS West

I recently had a booth at the IDS west show in Vancouver. I had done the show 2 years ago, and decided to show again this year. It is a great show, with amazing booths to check out; showcasing modern, sleek, design, as well as a lot of eco-friendly products. I went away from this show feeling like I wanted to renovate my house into a modern oasis with all the latest products available. Once home for a week, I realised I love my house the way it is, and we do not have unlimited funds for my renovation pipe-dreams!

So, here are the pics I mananged to take at the show on the day I remembered my camera. They don't seem to be in the best focus, so I apologize for any blurriness.This first shot is of one of my LUprint walls. I was looking for an idea to create a faux window in my booth, so I took a photo from our back yard from the spring and printed and framed it with simple angle-cut plywood. It is hard to be creative with booth space from year to year, but still keep to a budget. Luckily the show provided walls in the booth, so I didn't have to bring mine.

 The lovely and talented Dina Gonzalez Mascaro. Beautiful work and a very fun booth neighbour.
 I LOVE these lights. I forget who makes them, but I will look them up and post their name....
 This was one of my fave exhibits. Students from the UBC architecture program were tasked to make picker shacks for Okanagan fruit stands that were functional as well as able to lock up at night and thru the winter. They also had to make them transportable, so they could be moved around easily. This stand in particular was made from pine beetle salvaged wood, and was then white washed for this unique end colour. The second photo shows the inside of the shack. 

 Coolest bike cart for toting your recycling or groceries in, by Ox and Monkey.
 My wonderful booth neighbour, who just opened up his second shop in Vancouver. Ella and Elliot.
 MTH woodworks. Resin/cedar tables that were quite stunning.
 Full pic of my space. :)

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