Black bear bush.

I came across these pics from summer as well. I wanted to post them at the time and then life got in the way...With fall here, time is more abundant (thank goodness) and my list of to-do's is getting checked off.

So....in August we went on a camping trip/circle route from our town, heading north on a logging road called the Hurley FSR, to the Golbridge/Gun lake area and then back south on a different route (also a logging road) thru Seton Portage on the Highline road. It was an insanely beautiful drive, and fun camping with our little daughter. Her second camping trip ever! She seemed really into sleeping in a tent and bouncing around on washboard roads and then on our way home we saw this black bear in a tree just off the road. He or she was only a couple of metres from our truck, so we got some amazing shots and go to watch their funny behaviour. Such a beautiful creature, and crazy how agile they are for being so large. We see a lot of bears in our backyard during the summer, but never this close up. Bears were a big inspiration for my Napanee print.

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