Pantone satisfaction

Mixing ink colours is one of my favourite things to do in the shop. I don't know why but I just love adding all the different pigments together to create a perfect pantone match. I am a bit obsessed with pantone matching, something I think most screenprinters cringe at. But since I started my business with my t-shirt printing shop back in 2006, I purchased a pantone based ink set of about 9 gallons of ink, that came along with a manual on how to mix every single colour in the pantone book. While many printers were charging extra for pantone matched colours, I just found it easier to replicate a job and always get the same result if I mixed it using my guide, rather than eyeballing it. So naturally, when I started printing my home textile line, I did the same thing with the water-based inks, and have since made sure to accurately colour match my trays and textiles to be as close to eachother in colour as possible. I also get a strange satisfaction while flipping thru my pantone guide...
Below shows the mixing of bloom's orange shade, and below that is the screen used for the new bloom print for this years line, and printing it on a blank teatowel. Perfect colour match to pantone 431!

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