My new loot from Shiny, fuzzy, muddy.

I woke up this morning to snow! It is so beautiful and fluffy. It looks like a winter wonderland in our yard.
We just returned from the Shiny, Fuzzy, Muddy show in Vancouver and I felt totally wiped yesterday. All I did was play with Freja all day, and I even took a nap with her for 3 hours mid-day, as I could hardly keep my eyes open. The show was very busy this year, and I think I just got exhausted from talking to so many people and standing for hours and hours. Not to complain though! As it was an awesome show and I came home with SO many amazing new things from other artists at the show. Like I said before, the trades/purchases I do at this show are one of my favourite parts of the show. I decided to do a little photo segment on the pieces I picked up so that you could enjoy them too! Links to the artists are also shown.
 Janna Hurtzig from Winterluxe made these super cozy, recycled cashmere glove/wristbands. I was eyeing them up all weekend (as we were booth neighbours), and snatched up a pair at the last minute. 
 Also from Janna, is Astrosatchel. Vegan purses and bags made from high quality naugahyde vinyl. I had actually really wanted this exact bag last year, but did not end up going home with it, so I was not going to let it slip away again this year! I love the retro/modern look to this bag, and the fact it is vegan (like me!), and is waterproof for our nasty Pemberton weather.....
 Checha from studiochecha, makes jewellery that has a strong architectural feel to it. Not surprising as she is also an architect....These earrings are made from concrete, and have a super smooth finish. LOVE.
Sandpiper studio makes the most incredible blown glass that I have ever seen. I am so in love with their aesthetic, as it is just clean and simple--white glass with bright & bold prints. This jar compliments the salt and pepper shakers I picked up from them last year. Was thinking to use it for tea? Or maybe cookies?
 I have a thing for pillows, and these Canadiana ones are made from recycled wool blankets. Some are made from old Hudson Bay blankets, which I think is such a cool idea. Meghan, who is behind the brand Identity, also has a line of t-shirts for men with Canadian-inspired images like beavers, curling rocks or bears.
 Jasna and Noel, from Dear Human, are one of my favourites of the show, with their ceramic wall tiles, vases, sculptures, and so many other unique pieces. These tiles are from last year--as the piece I picked up from them this year is a gift for my hubby Joe. (hopefully he is not reading this....)
 Denise, from Bronsino, makes a whole range of leather bags, pouches and belts. Many that are screenprinted by her or her husband by hand. I got this cute little purse--and also another item, but I can't show it yet as it is a Christmas gift for my sister! shhhhh.
 Laura McKibbon's ceramics are SO wonderful. I have several pieces from the last few years, and love them all. These cups are the perfect cappuccino size and I use them daily (yes I have many others....)

There were so many other amazing things I wished I could have come home with, but I had to show some restraint and walk away. Not easy to do.....

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