My Kronan Bike.

Since my last trip to Sweden a few years ago when my cousin was married, I have been obsessed with trying to find a Kronan city bike. They are super commonplace over there, and come in about 4 or 5 colours and only 2 basic models (with the option of 1 or 3 gears and coaster brake or hand brake.) So not very complicated bikes. They were modelled after the historic Swedish Military bikes, and are actually manufactured using the blueprints from these super heavy, beefy-tire beasts. Also worth mention is how big the frame is, making them only rideable (the men's version) for people 5 foot 8" or taller. Thank goodness I am that tall.
There used to be a Kronan USA, and I inquired with them about purchasing one online and shipping it to Canada from San Fran a couple years ago, but shipping was almost going to be the same price as the bike. Then by the time I made it down to San Fran on a trip and planned on buying one and taking it home on the plane, Kronan USA folded.....So my dream of owning one was almost crushed. My only other hope was to periodically check craigslist for a used one--not a very hopeful idea....until.... this fall! I finally found one listed in Vancouver that a guy had bought in Europe and brought over here when he moved. Little did he know the hills of West Vancouver would be a bit steep for the 3-speed, heavy as heck, Kronan. So, long story short, I got my dream bike, in tip top shape, for a third of the cost of a new one, and in my favourite Kronan colour, Black! It rides like a dream, and kicks butt against any of our other retro cruisers (we have 3 others) when up to a full speed pedal, just as I always envisioned it would do. Isn't it a beauty?

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